Saturday, 31 May 2014

Body Image and Meghan Tonjes

So, the other day I posted to my tumblr a question about good ways to gain weight; I got some helpful responses and some people were also curious as to how to gain weight in a healthy way themselves.

However, I did receive messages that followed the theme of 'why would you want to gain weight, you're thin/skinny/hot?'.

I have a few things wrong with that:

  • I want to gain weight because I don't like being as thin as I am - I'm 6ft so I feel gangly and weird sometimes
  • According to my BMI I'm classed as underweight so it's probably healthier for me to do this
  • Thin ≠ 'hot'
Attractiveness is subjective. Everyone has different ideas of beauty, I get that, but don't discourage another person by forcing your ideas upon them.

The way I see it, weight is not the defining factor of beauty, let's explore that with the amazingness that is Meghan Tonjes:

Now, you may recognise her as 'The Woman Who Had Her Butt Removed by Instagram' but I know her as that pretty cool singer on youtube who's podcast (with Roommate Keith) I like to listen to. Also, she has the coolest tattoos, especially the thigh tat and also she tweeted me a couple years back and it was the best.

Try and tell me she is not beautiful, I will fight you.
Meghan made the decision to lose weight, she looks great, she looked great before but that's not what makes her beautiful. If you've followed her then you know that she has: an incredible sense of humour, a wonderful voice, a great love for her friends and family and is an all round bad bitch with no time to give a fuck.

She's beautiful because she's the kind of person you want to be your friend.

And that's what I want. I don't want anyone to consider me 'ideal' because of what I look like - I get that looks attract yada yada yada - I want to be liked for the person I am because I'm pretty great.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Procrastination Post #2

So, I'm currently sat in a Starbucks, reading The Bell Jar and writing in a moleskin - I'm that guy, living that cliché lifestyle.

I've finished exams and that means I've finished my first year of uni. I have nothing to do. It's actually incredibly boring.

'But, James, if you have nothing to do, how are you procrastinating?'

Well, You, I'm not quite sure; I just have that procrastination ~feeling~, you know? But, I guess I could be looking for a job, so . . . we'll go with that - I'm procrastinating from the job hunt! (side-note, after returning to my room I realise I'm also procrastinating from cleaning my room and packing up my stuff, oops).

I really do need a job though. My biggest issue is that handing out C.V.'s gives me a ridiculous amount of anxiety, so, after the good 45 minutes it takes for me to successfully hand out one C.V., I reward myself by buying things - you see my problem. It's truly a vicious cycle.

Speaking of buying things! Today I bought a couple long-sleeved t-shirt things from H&M (one for each I exam I successfully completed, probably?) Idk, H&M can be really hit-or-miss for me but they have some really nice stuff right now and I would've bought more but sizing was an issue, sigh. 

(Apologies for the
awful green uni
door, I hate it) 

Btw, in H&M's 'Summer Essentials' section they have thick jumpers and waterproof jackets - classic Manchester summer.

Guys, I've just had a quick glance around and I am 100% not the only cliché here! There's at least 3 people writing screenplays/manuscripts, a lady reading on her iPad (side-note, I have an iPad Mini so normal iPads look HUGE to me, idk) and business men in business suits talking about business.

People watching is a great procrastination technique, very entertaining if in a good spot, highly recommend (side-note, one of the business men just claimed to 'know Banksy' - v bold business man, v bold). Oh, one of the screenplay writers is now on Facebook - procrastination is all around me. I'm like a beacon. Love it.

So, I'm going to get back to reading/might type this up first idk, get off my case, you're not my real dad! (side-note, I didn't do it, I just read).

p.s. What is your go-to coffee shop beverage? I'm a chai tea latte guy (on an iced chai kick right now though).
p.p.s. I think Kris Jenner is my new favourite person.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Just Some Books I Enjoy

I've mentioned in previous posts that I'm an English Literature student so one might assume I enjoy reading.

Good assumption, you.

So, after reading many of my friend Alice's lists on her blog, I thought it might be nice to list some books I really enjoy, won't that be fun!? Before I start I'd like to say I'm omitting book series, not because I don't enjoy them, but because I believe they're so subjective and not all books in a series are that good, let's be real. That being said I'd like to mention both the Harry Potter and Alex Rider series because they're great.

I'd also like to say that I like these books, you might not, you don't have to read them but I highly suggest you do (because I'm bias).

Right, let us begin, in no particular order:

  • Alices's Adventures is Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass - Lewis Carroll
I'd say we all know the story of Alice, everyone except my flat mate who, at 20, has never even seen any of the film adaptations - don't worry, I was shocked too. So, for those of you in my flatmate's situation, Alice's story follows her journey through the magical world down the rabbit hole after she follows the anthropomorphised, eager-to-be-on-time White Rabbit. She deals with a topsy-turvy world filled with odd happenings and larger-than-life creatures and characters, learning a couple lessons along the way. This book genuinely delivers a whole new meaning when read as a semi-adult. Also, it's a really easy read so you wont be spending too much time on it.

  • Stuart: A Life Backwards - Alexander Masters
I first read this biography as part of my A Level English course, this definitely didn't take away from the books potent meaning and touching story however. Masters writes the story of his friend Stuart Shorter in the most interesting way, starting at the end (chapter 0) we find out Stuart sadly died and we work backwards from there, to his beginning. This final version is a complete re-write of the first manuscript presented to Stuart and Masters includes interjections of the writing process with Stuart amongst the episodes of his sad and troubled past. The book gives an incredible insight into the lives of convicts and drug addicts and helps to develop an understanding of how people end up in such awful situations. I will say there are potential triggers of substance abuse, self-harm and rape in the book so maybe one to avoid for some.

  • The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared - Jonas Jonasson

I love this story. Love it. There's a real Forest Gump-esque vibe as you follow the incredible life of centurion Allan Karlsson as he sets off on a new adventure on his hundredth birthday. You learn of Allan's involvement in major historical events and how it all comes to play during the present. I love how Jonasson captures the essence of even the most unlikely people having incredible pasts, so many of us forget that the elderly weren't always the elderly - which is pretty strange. Also, the book was originally written in Swedish and it's interesting to read a book that has such strong ties to a non-english speaking country, idk.

  • Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close - Jonathan Safran Foer
A heart-breaking tale that follows 9-year-old Oskar, who lost his dad in 9/11, as he searches New York for the origins of a key that once belonged to his dad. There is a separate narrative that eventually merges with the main plot, following a 'love' story that started years before the events of the book. The book so cleverly explores the mental illnesses that grief causes and how differently everyone copes with death, especially after tragic accidents.

  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky
Made popular by the film (that I enjoyed despite thinking it didn't completely honour the book but oh well, it's all subjective) the book follows 'Charlie' during his first year at high school through letters he writes to a stranger. I know this isn't strictly literary genius or whatever but I love this book. Love it. For me it was a situation of right place, right time; the story is so relatable to me, and many others, and portrays the thoughts of the introverted extremely well. Also, again, a very easy read.

I know this was a long one but I hope you enjoyed it, I hope to do more of these lists in the future (they wont all be about books, I promise).

I do want to post more about books though. I'll figure something out that's less time consuming for you and a little bit more structured . . . probably.

p.s. I'm always looking for new books to read so feel free to suggest some either here or over on my tumblr

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Procrastination Post

So, I spend a lot of time procrastinating. My avoidance of life even stops me from doing things I want to do, but that's a different post for a different day. No, today I'm procrastinating from that pesky uni work (I have an exam in two days and know a total of zero things, yay). I've decided that I'm going to write down a couple thoughts that I've had during this time of great laziness and let you know of some of the stuff I've been doing. Yay.

In my last post I mentioned a stack of reading I had to get done; I did it! Admittedly I started it, and wrote the essay it was for, a mere 12 hours before it had to be handed in and finished it all in about 7 hours. It's a skill, it really is.

Last night I went to see the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, I'd never listened to them before but my flatmates and friends were going so I tagged along (avoiding work, see this post has an up-keeping theme). So good. Like, insanely good. First of all, there was such a range of people there: all ages, backgrounds, etc. Secondly, those guys were the epitome of cool - they even hung out with everyone before, during and after the show. And lastly, their overall presence was crazy. They instigated such an incredible atmosphere that left everyone dancing;I've never been to a show where every single person is dancing, completely care-free, until last night.

Oh, this morning, I discovered I actually have tonsillitis, yay! It's actually the first time I've ever had it (bucket list, sort-of-not-really?) and it's pretty shit. It's great timing, I'm aware, my body waits 19 years, just before my first exam at uni, to give in to whatever causes tonsillitis. Awesome.

And that was my procrastination post, thanks for reading/making it through/accepting my ramblings, or whatever.

p.s. how many times did I say 'yay' in this
p.p.s milk lollies - delicious but look like frozen sperm a little, discuss.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Generic First Post Title

I'm currently sat on my bed at university.
There is a pile of reading on my right that really should be getting done (don't worry it will... eventually) and a bowl of noodles on my left that is being semi-eaten.

Every great thing has a humble beginning and this is mine.

So, hi, hello, how are you?

As my unimaginative-also-very-obnoxious-and-egotistical blog title suggests, my name's James.

I have to admit, despite knowing it would be difficult to write this first post, I didn't think I'd be as stumped as I am. If you think about it, the human race has spent it's entirety doing things for the first time - how is it still so difficult to 'just do it'? Someone should figure it out and write an information leaflet or something, idk.

Well, I intend this blog to be a collection of my thoughts and adventures but first, I have to pass my first year of uni (I study English Literature if you were curious).

First post - done. Short and sweet, like me.

p.s. I'm actually 6ft tall and quite sarcastic so sorry about lying in my first post, it just worked in the moment. *Sigh*