Sunday, 18 May 2014

Procrastination Post

So, I spend a lot of time procrastinating. My avoidance of life even stops me from doing things I want to do, but that's a different post for a different day. No, today I'm procrastinating from that pesky uni work (I have an exam in two days and know a total of zero things, yay). I've decided that I'm going to write down a couple thoughts that I've had during this time of great laziness and let you know of some of the stuff I've been doing. Yay.

In my last post I mentioned a stack of reading I had to get done; I did it! Admittedly I started it, and wrote the essay it was for, a mere 12 hours before it had to be handed in and finished it all in about 7 hours. It's a skill, it really is.

Last night I went to see the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, I'd never listened to them before but my flatmates and friends were going so I tagged along (avoiding work, see this post has an up-keeping theme). So good. Like, insanely good. First of all, there was such a range of people there: all ages, backgrounds, etc. Secondly, those guys were the epitome of cool - they even hung out with everyone before, during and after the show. And lastly, their overall presence was crazy. They instigated such an incredible atmosphere that left everyone dancing;I've never been to a show where every single person is dancing, completely care-free, until last night.

Oh, this morning, I discovered I actually have tonsillitis, yay! It's actually the first time I've ever had it (bucket list, sort-of-not-really?) and it's pretty shit. It's great timing, I'm aware, my body waits 19 years, just before my first exam at uni, to give in to whatever causes tonsillitis. Awesome.

And that was my procrastination post, thanks for reading/making it through/accepting my ramblings, or whatever.

p.s. how many times did I say 'yay' in this
p.p.s milk lollies - delicious but look like frozen sperm a little, discuss.


  1. Procrastinating by reading this... I have an exam in two days and also know a total of zero things - oops.

    1. good life choice, maybe . . . probably not. Good luck though!