Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Adventures of James

So, July has been pretty busy for me (especially since I'm a lazy human that only moves between his bed and the sofa on the other side of his room) and I thought I'd fill you in a little!

I've decided to re-read Harry Potter. It's been too long - so long in fact that a lot of the details in the book seem brand new to me; but that's not really a bad thing. I'm currently 3/4 through Goblet of Fire and loving it like it was the first time (I'm talking page 363 where Dumbledore hints towards the Room of Requirement, guys).

Trains have played a pretty big part in this month too! I travel by cars, buses and planes but rarely by train but this month I headed down to Exeter for a friend's party. From Manchester Piccadilly to Birmingham New Street to Exeter St David's took me around 5 hours but it was worth it to see some of my uni friends and get really drunk on free champaign and wine (NB - I drink wine now and some may argue that I got too drunk; me, I argue that *sigh*) I also got to meet my friend's pooches and I love them unconditionally. I plan to steal all of my friend's dogs, it's a thing. Also, I looked great.

Back up in The North I organised my uni timetable for next year and I'm really pumped for it. In my first semester I'll be studying: Writing, Identity and Nation and Literature to 1750 (I only have 6 hours a week ayyyy) and second semester I'll be engrossed in Literature from 1750 (I'll only have 5 hours a week aaayyyy).

And finally, in James-is-super-proud news, my sister graduated form university! She is now a bachelor of science in broadcast-engineering-media-technology-stuff(?) (she's really smart basically) and yeah, I got to go see her graduate and it was a beautiful day and once again, I looked great. Also, shoutout to my sister for working so damn hard the past 3 years and inspiring me every second of it - I love you mi hermana.

So that's it really, next month will probably consist of me moving (again, yay) and hopefully I'll be employed and be telling you tales of that fun stuff.

p.s. don't hold your breath on the job thing, I'm seemingly unemployable

Tuesday, 15 July 2014


So, change almost always sucks. Be it the loose change that shuffles and clanks around uselessly in your pocket or when you reconnect with a friend and notice a change in either them or you.

Often an uninvited occurrence, change demands a lot of us, leaving us drained both emotionally and physically. Change is truly exhausting when you are worrying about the unknown outcomes.

But, despite all the nights you lay awake with worry and anxiety about change, there are some good points:

  • Loose change can be collected and saved and eventually amount to something greater and worth while
  • A change of scenery offers a new outlook to explore
  • A change of opinion shows growth
  • A change of circumstance offers an opportunity to adapt and learn
  • A change in a person you know or yourself can bring the two of you closer
  • If a change brings about the end of something then know a new period will always come along
  • A change can be brought on by you. You have an active choice to: change, grow, learn, teach and be happy
As the saying goes, 'the only thing constant is change'. The sooner we start to change perspective and stop ignoring the positives, just because they're harder to find, the sooner we'll find happiness.

p.s. start small - change your 'want's into 'will do's and see how much more fulfilled that change will leave you (be realistic; 'I want to write a book' becomes 'I will write for at least 15 minutes a day'. Ok? Got it? Cool).

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Teenage Bucket List (The 'I'm coming up on 20' addition)

So, recently I feel like I've had to grow up a little bit more, but, taking on responsibilities and accepting a more realistic view of the world isn't too fun. This is where this bucket list comes in. I'm 19, I have less than a year left of being a teenager and I think there's still some stuff I want to do (and some stuff I've done already) that you can only really get away with as a teen and you might want to partake too! So here we go:

  • Have a blog
    - I think anyone can blog, just write about the things that you care about, chances are someone else is interested too!
  • Cut your own hair
    - Everyone's had the experience of going to get a hair cut and not getting what you really wanted so why not just do it yourself!? I do it all the time and it doesn't look (that) bad.
  • Dye your hair
    - Definitely something I'm going to do, no real reason other than to show just how edgy and full of teenage angst I am, obviously.
  • Get a tattoo
    - Yes they're permanent, yes they're not for everybody and no not just for teenagers but, you know, who doesn't want a permanent etching on their skin that they might regret later on in life? I sure do.
  • All nighters, lots of 'em
    - Wether it's staying up talking about life with friends, drinking or just to finish 2000 words of that essay that needs to be handed in in the morning, all nighters are a staple of angsty teenage life.
  • Have a crush, crush hard
    - Infatuation teaches us more than we think. You learn that life still goes on and you're not defined by other people. You may even learn to love yourself more.
  • Write down those feelings!
    - If you start as an impressionable teen you'll carry on a good 
    habit. It's good to get out all of those thoughts and feelings physically onto paper, be it poetic and thought out or just a stream consciousness - it's better to keep it safe on a page than swirling around your head.
  • Travel with friends or by yourself
    - The distance aspect is up to you, go a city over or a continent, just start that state of being independent and experience somewhere new at the same time.
  • Eat too much at a buffet
    - This is just really important to me.
  • Bond with your friends over the shared illness you got from the buffet
    - Buffet's are like life, it might look great at the time but it can come back and bite you in the ass.
  • Wake up still drunk
    - It's usually a sign of a really good night out and it's also quite fun (if you don't have anything to do that day, if you do then you're kind of screwed my friend).
  • Invent a game
    - Games; great for bonding and great fun. Exercise that imagination you haven't used since you were 10, recreate a popular t.v. show or just take a normal game and add drinking rules! The possibilities are endless!
  • Read some canon novels
    - They're canon for a reason, no matter what genre or period. Just read more, it's good for your mind and soul, man. You may even find some angsty teenager to relate to . . . 
    Just a few favourites

  • Learn about a different culture/religion/etc.
    - Sometimes it's nice to know how things work in parts of the world you don't relate to. You might decide to adopt some practices into your own life. Again, it's not strictly for your teenage years, I think you should never stop going out and seeking knowledge. I'm currently learning about buddhism from this book

  • p.s. this is not a definitive list, I'm going to add more to it during my final teenage year and probably carry on most of it till way past my final teenage year