Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Adventures of James

So, July has been pretty busy for me (especially since I'm a lazy human that only moves between his bed and the sofa on the other side of his room) and I thought I'd fill you in a little!

I've decided to re-read Harry Potter. It's been too long - so long in fact that a lot of the details in the book seem brand new to me; but that's not really a bad thing. I'm currently 3/4 through Goblet of Fire and loving it like it was the first time (I'm talking page 363 where Dumbledore hints towards the Room of Requirement, guys).

Trains have played a pretty big part in this month too! I travel by cars, buses and planes but rarely by train but this month I headed down to Exeter for a friend's party. From Manchester Piccadilly to Birmingham New Street to Exeter St David's took me around 5 hours but it was worth it to see some of my uni friends and get really drunk on free champaign and wine (NB - I drink wine now and some may argue that I got too drunk; me, I argue that *sigh*) I also got to meet my friend's pooches and I love them unconditionally. I plan to steal all of my friend's dogs, it's a thing. Also, I looked great.

Back up in The North I organised my uni timetable for next year and I'm really pumped for it. In my first semester I'll be studying: Writing, Identity and Nation and Literature to 1750 (I only have 6 hours a week ayyyy) and second semester I'll be engrossed in Literature from 1750 (I'll only have 5 hours a week aaayyyy).

And finally, in James-is-super-proud news, my sister graduated form university! She is now a bachelor of science in broadcast-engineering-media-technology-stuff(?) (she's really smart basically) and yeah, I got to go see her graduate and it was a beautiful day and once again, I looked great. Also, shoutout to my sister for working so damn hard the past 3 years and inspiring me every second of it - I love you mi hermana.

So that's it really, next month will probably consist of me moving (again, yay) and hopefully I'll be employed and be telling you tales of that fun stuff.

p.s. don't hold your breath on the job thing, I'm seemingly unemployable

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  1. Hello, I love your blog that much that I have decided to choose you to be nominated for the Liebster Award and you can read all about it here - and I hope you take part as it is a lot of fun.

    If you take part please leave a link to your post in the comment section of my Liebster post thank you.

    Have a good day, Charlie.