Wednesday, 30 December 2015

...Some Time Later

It’s me again.

2015 has been the most important year of my life thus far for so many reasons: I started working a bar job I enjoy, I entered into my my final year of university, I haven’t lived with my parents for a year and a half (and I haven't died once), and other personal growths that I will be writing about soon enough.

I’ve neglected this space since around March. I’ve got plenty of posts written and saved as drafts but, for some reason, I never posted them.

I want to write for a living, well, I want to tell stories. Whilst i enjoy lifestyle blogs and the content they produce, I find what I say in the genre stale and failing to add anything new. I want to change that.

My goal for 2016 is to write more of what I want to write; I know it won’t be easy (considering I’m about to enter my final semester at uni and have a big ol’ dissertation to write), but it’s what I want to do. I want to post content that is either straight from my man-child brain or just an interesting take on something already out there, as long as it is enjoyable to me.

In my nearly 21 years I’ve learnt that: you can challenge yourself to do things, you can strive to do those things, you can fail at doing those things and you can hold yourself accountable — but what you can’t do is to hate yourself for it, give up and never try again.

In 2015 I think I finally learnt to like myself. In 2016 I want to show that.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

To Everyone Who Comments on my Glasses

Hey, what up home-dog? Do you understand the role glasses play in my life?

I NEED them to SEE.

Just so we're on the same page.

When you compliment me on my vision enhancers, saying they look great, thank you, it makes me feel great by the mere association to the Benjamin Franklin technology that obnoxiously rests on my face. 

However, this isn't an invitation to take them off of my face so you can try them on. I can't begin to explain the moment of sheer panic when your vision is inexplicably SWIPED from you and you plunge into a blurry world of animated smudges and despair. The closest experience you can relate it to is probably your own birth. Imagine your birth; you descended the dark cavern out of your mother, the fruit of your parents' labour, forced into a new and terrifying world. You are confused, everything was so clear and simple and now everything is different and wrong and there's a whining voice, you can't quite locate it, asking, 'do I suit glasses?'

Why are you even asking me if you 'suit' my glasses? Are we not clear on the purpose of spectacles? Bitch, I CAN'T FUCKING SEE. You probably look shit though.

'How you doing Harry?', 'you're a wizard!' and any other Harry Potter analogy is great. Yeah, that allusion to the Chosen One is hilarious and you're definitely the first person to have said it to me. I'm surprised you could think of such a FUCKING INTELLIGENT joke. The ONLY similarity we have is our impaired vision, I mean, I'm a Slytherin. Still, REALLY FUCKING FUNNY.

And why is it assumed that I'm some 'super nerdy guy' who, according to too many creepy old men I've served at work, 'probably get's wild *insert creepy wink*'? I'm actually a really laid-back motherfucker who is most likely found by himself, in his natural habitat: in bed, binge watching Netflix, eating junk food and drinking vodka. HATE to ruin the illusion but it's not my fault you created some weird stereotyped category for me that you can fantasise over. I'm sure you'll still go home and wank about it though.

To conclude: 
  • I am more than the glass that improves my sight.
  • Wearing glasses isn't exclusive to a certain 'type' of person.
  • My glasses are really cool but don't take them off my face without asking.
  • I can't fucking see without them.

p.s. I'm not actually this angry, I just have some feelings

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Time is Money

Imagine a café where you can sit amongst strangers, on a comfy armchair, drink coffee and eat some cake. It isn't hard. Now imagine all of that except you haven't paid for anything you've consumed and you've prepared it all yourself. Ziferblat is a pay-per-minute café that has recently opened in Manchester after it's success in London. For a mere 5p-per-minute you too can sit in a relaxing environment and gorge yourself on snacks and beverages.

The concept seems strange. Why pay to spend time in a room full of strangers and basically do what you do in your own living room? Well there's a real communal spirit. I'm looking at a room full of people working, co-working, playing games and relaxing - as I was writing the last sentence a woman looked over and asked me for my help in figuring out the technical difficulty that is Skype - it's all very conducive to productivity, both personally and communally. For me, I find it hard to be productive in my own home (it's too easy to procrastinate), so going somewhere where there's an encouraging work environment is vital to my productivity.

I won't lie, the fact that you are making and cleaning all of your own stuff feels a little strange (maybe that's more of a commentary on western society than anything else), and it takes a minute(pun intended) to feel comfortable in making that 3rd slice of toast, but you get comfortable with it.

To top it off the staff are friendly and also not bad to look at. I

All in all, I highly suggest you drop by Ziferblat if you get the chance as it has my stamp of approval.

p.s. It's my 3rd time here and I see myself returning once more.
p.p.s 'ziferblat' or 'циферблат' is Russian for 'clock-face', how aptly named!

Thursday, 12 February 2015

A Reflection On 19

As you are reading this I will officially have been 19 for an entire year but while some people might say that I'm '20' and 'in denial', I've never even been to Egypt. With all this age-stuff in mind I thought I'd follow up on a little post I made back in July all about the stuff I wanted to get done whilst still a teen. Let's reflect on some of those list items and how they fit into this messy life of mine!

I cut my own hair a bunch, cut it today actually. There was a point a month ago where I shaved most of it off to a pretty bald length. That drastic cut was a reaction to how much I hate the feel of my twice-bleached-and-dyed-multiple-times-hair. Yes, lets not forget that James Blondinson was a thing for a hot minute; we all know how that one went . . .
but maybe i'll bring it back??
I also made the decision to get a Picasso line drawing of Françoise Gilot permanently etched onto my arm. Yes, I got a tattoo! (sorry mum). I'm very happy with it and it's nice having something so pretty on my arm all the time.

I'm now a bartender so the late nights are still a thing and coupled with my new attitude of actually doing my uni work, I have started to be a functional human on like 6 hours sleep. I think the time for all nighters has been left a crippled heap in my wake as I valiantly storm on through to adulthood. Smashing this life thing.

The reading thing is a thing, kinda goes with the whole 'doing my uni work' thing. I'm currently reading like 4 different books but I'm really enjoying The Canterbury Tales.

The writing is a thing, too. I've not done the whole diary-type-thing in a while but I'm sure I'll go back to it. I've been writing fiction though and that's all very lovely (not in subject matter but process, yeah, my stuff gets a little dark). The dream of being a bona fide published author is under construction!

I've had crushes and I still have crushes; they've made me jealous, nauseous and sad but it's worth it. The realisation that this'll always be a force in my life is comforting.

This last year of my life has been pretty major for a lot of reasons. I'm finally starting to figure out 'Me' which is exciting. I'm becoming more sociable and confident and I'm happier a lot more than I've ever been before. I'm excited to see how my 20's fair and all the adventures, good and bad, they'll force upon me.

p.s. is this post rambley? I feel like a lot of my posts are and thats one of the reasons I'm not posting them but yeah, party.

    Wednesday, 7 January 2015

    2015 To-do List

    So, we're a week into 2015 and in standard procrastinating-James-style I'm only just writing about New Years Resolutions now. I know, you expected nothing more nor less.

     My January 1st was spent getting slowly drunk and providing a cynical commentary of Disney films; apparently I got 'too real' when I made parallels between Mary Poppins and the real life Mr. Banks/pointed out that Jane and Michael were clearly unloved by their parents. You may conclude that I am a typically cynical person - I don't believe in the sentiment of a lot of things and New Years Resolutions are definitely involved in that, with the annual wave of 'New Year, New Me' tweets making my skin crawl. 

     It's no secret that many people make yearly promises to change themselves only to have reverted all the way back to their pre-resolution life by the end of January. That's why I'm actually making some pseudo-resolutions in 2015.

    I have no plans to change myself but to actually stick to the more traditional meaning of a resolution;'A firm decision to do or not to do something' (or so the oed says). So here is my 'to-do list' for 2015:
    • Work smarter, not harder
      - This is 100% the most important thing for me this year when it comes to my uni work. I'm forever in a situation where I'm working too hard in a short period instead of spreading the work out over a longer period. Heres to fewer late-night-ahhh-i'm-going-to-fail-uni-panic writing essays.
    • Eat better
      - Not necessarily eating super healthy or anything but just making sure I look after myself better when it comes to food. I'm actually so lazy that I often choose to not make a decent meal for myself so I eat like shit. In 2015 I've decided I'm making the effort to make a real sustaining meal for myself everyday.
    • Be more productive
      - I've made this separate to the first to-do as I want to be more productive in other aspects of my life. I'm not going into too much detail with this one but a definite main aspect is to be more productive with my writing (that'll mean more and more frequent blogposts!)
    • Maintain a confidence in myself and my decisions
      - Something that I started towards the end of last year. I'm not an overly outgoing person but I've started to have a confidence in my choices and and sticking to my guns a lot more in many aspects of my life.
    And that's it! Big believer in the whole less is more/one step at a time/little actions result in a big thing, thing.

    p.s. let me know if you've made any resolutions and also let me know what kind of posts you like to read from me, i'm being a good host and providing for my guests.