Wednesday, 30 December 2015

...Some Time Later

It’s me again.

2015 has been the most important year of my life thus far for so many reasons: I started working a bar job I enjoy, I entered into my my final year of university, I haven’t lived with my parents for a year and a half (and I haven't died once), and other personal growths that I will be writing about soon enough.

I’ve neglected this space since around March. I’ve got plenty of posts written and saved as drafts but, for some reason, I never posted them.

I want to write for a living, well, I want to tell stories. Whilst i enjoy lifestyle blogs and the content they produce, I find what I say in the genre stale and failing to add anything new. I want to change that.

My goal for 2016 is to write more of what I want to write; I know it won’t be easy (considering I’m about to enter my final semester at uni and have a big ol’ dissertation to write), but it’s what I want to do. I want to post content that is either straight from my man-child brain or just an interesting take on something already out there, as long as it is enjoyable to me.

In my nearly 21 years I’ve learnt that: you can challenge yourself to do things, you can strive to do those things, you can fail at doing those things and you can hold yourself accountable — but what you can’t do is to hate yourself for it, give up and never try again.

In 2015 I think I finally learnt to like myself. In 2016 I want to show that.