Friday, 4 March 2016

Thoughts on Dating

I don't know why people date.

I mean, I do it too... but I don't particularly enjoy it.

I'll find myself going out on a series of dates with a series of people and it's all the same thing; who are you? What do you do? Please laugh at my dad jokes! Now, the majority of my dates have been through good ol' Tinder so, adding to the same-old of the dating world comes fan favourite questions such as; 'do you feel like I catfished you with my flattering angles and charming, well edited wit?' and 'how tall did you say you were again?' Quite the repetitive headache indeed.


If you're lucky enough to regularly get at least a second date then please, teach me your ways. I must seem great on paper alone as first dates aren't too hard for me to get if I want one (quite the sad and lonely humble brag). It's the not being completely ghosted by a once keen and willing potential mate that I struggle with.

I think people that date often don't even want relationships, they just want some attention and affection for a while. I'm the exact same. If they're anything like me, they'll be super into their new interest for a couple of weeks and then be so far over it, there will be fresh rumours of human flight. But, this is of course if they reciprocate my newly birthed devotion. If we go on a date, or a couple of dates, and then I'm ghosted, I delve into a pit of self doubt as I'm abandoned by the most recent love of my life; how dare they throw away those 5 days of trivial conversation -- complete savages.

Like I said, most of my dating prospects have been scouted through an app and I've actually only dated one person through the traditional means. I should probably try that out more. I mean, my mum and dad met as my dad walked up to the bar my mum was working behind and asked for 'two pints and a packet of peanuts' and my sister was approached by my brother-in-law in a bar where he threw some ice on the floor and said 'just thought I'd break the ice'.

My last date was initiated by a message that just said 'fuck you're hot'. In my defence, it was a great ego boost and he used the right 'you're'. He also never texted me back though, so there's that too.

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